Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

If I ever can make it out

I’ll share with you the light

I ask you, what do you do

When love and hate combine

When your world is upside down

When all the truth collapses

When hate takes over you

Do you cry?

Or do you try?

Do you try to mix it or fix it?

I ask you when you’re in the middle of a storm,

how do you do it?

or do you ever do it?

If words could save me

I’ll whisper them to the wind

I’ll shout them to the ghosts

Dear devil show me your moves

Teach me this deadly dance

I’m all ready yet for another chance



Photo by horacio olavarria on Unsplash

“Don’t take it personally”

I lied, I did

The word, the sword

It’s felt, it kills

Each sentence, each word, each breath

The meaning is there

The feeling is lost

I need to feel safe

I need to take you home

I warned you not to try

I told you you’ll feel hurt

I should have been louder

I should have been heard

Don’t worry I got you

I’ll guide you, I’ll save you

I got the keys,

and till forever I’ll keep you safe

I’ll blame you and shame you

You have no punisher but me

Will I ever be enough?

You’ll die

The fun, the sun?

Not what you’re meant to be

You’re a star and you’ll die for me